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Wax Compound 10-Lb Slab

compatible with many vegetable and mineral waxes
SKU: SP-128
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SP-128 Wax Compound

The SP-128 Wax Compound is a flexible blending component suitable for a wide array of applications, featuring a pure white color and a congealing point of about 68°C (155°F). Its compatibility with many vegetable and mineral waxes, alongside a variety of natural and synthetic ingredients, makes it a prime choice for various industries. Note: This product is available in limited quantities and lacks a detailed product data sheet.

Key Features

  • Compatible with vegetable and mineral waxes
  • Works with natural and synthetic ingredients
  • Pure white color for clean formulations
  • Precise 68°C congealing point
  • Limited availability with no product data sheet

Product Specifications:

Color White
Congealing Point ~68°C (155°F)
Compatibility Vegetable and mineral waxes, natural and synthetic ingredients
Availability Limited quantity
Data Sheet Not available

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Perfect for candle makers, cosmetic manufacturers, artisans, industrial users, and hobbyists seeking versatile and high-quality wax compounds.
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  • Model: SP-128
  • Brand: ChemicalStore