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Bacteria Growth Science Kit

Science kit for growing bacteria and conducting experiments.

Hydraulic Cylinder Set

Powerful hydraulic system for heavy-duty machinery.

Make Electricity Science Kit

Chemical energy to electrical energy science kit.

Slime Science Kit (Polymer)

Discover the science of slime with this polymer kit.

Bacteria Growth Science Kit (KITBG01)

Bacteria Growth Science Kit

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to perform biology experiments involving bacteria growth? Look no further than the Bacteria Growth Science Kit! This kit includes all the proper essentials to grow bacteria and perform several different science projects and experiments. Growing bacteria is the main experiment for many biology projects, which is why you need proper materials and supplies. With this kit, you can rest assured that you have everything you need to achieve accurate and reliable results. So why wait? Get your Bacteria Growth Science Kit today and start exploring the fascinating world of bacteria growth and science!

Product Specifications:

Product Name Bacteria Growth Science Kit
Subject Science
Experiment Type Growing Bacteria
Included Supplies All the proper essentials to grow bacteria
Number of Experiments Several different science projects and experiments

Perfect For:

  • Biology students
  • Science enthusiasts
  • Teachers and educators
  • Parents looking for educational activities for their children
  • Individuals interested in microbiology
  • Anyone looking to perform science experiments involving bacteria growth

Hydraulic Cylinder Set (HYDRO3)

Hydraulic Cylinder Set

Introducing our Hydraulic Cylinder Set, designed to provide efficient and reliable performance for your hydraulic applications. This set includes multiple hydraulic cylinders that work together to provide powerful and precise movement. Made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, our Hydraulic Cylinder Set is built to last and withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you need it for industrial, agricultural, or construction purposes, this set is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Trust in our Hydraulic Cylinder Set to get the job done right.

Key Features:

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Set
  • Provides hydraulic power
  • Consists of multiple cylinders
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Can be used in various industries

Product Specifications:

Product Name Hydraulic Cylinder Set
Product Type Cylinder, Hydraulic
Material Hydraulic Cylinder Set
Size Hydraulic Cylinder Set
Weight Hydraulic Cylinder Set
Color Hydraulic Cylinder Set
Manufacturer Hydraulic Cylinder Set

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Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.

CAUTION: This product involves hydraulic components and should only be handled by trained professionals. Improper handling may result in serious injury or damage to property.

Perfect for:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Hydraulic system technicians
  • Industrial equipment manufacturers
  • Maintenance and repair professionals
  • Construction companies
  • Heavy machinery operators

Make Electricity Science Kit (KITME)

Make Electricity Science Kit Electricity

Make Electricity Science Kit is an innovative educational tool that allows students to learn about producing electrical energy using chemical energy. This kit is based on the same scientific principles on which all modern batteries work. By inserting copper and zinc electrodes in an acidic liquid, students can produce electricity from the chemical reaction between their electrodes and electrolyte. Through this project, students can gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles of electrical energy production and the role of chemical reactions in this process.

Product Specifications:

Product Name Make Electricity Science Kit
Product Type Science Kit
Principle Making Electricity from Chemicals
Electrodes Copper and Zinc
Electrolyte Acidic Liquid
Learning Outcome Producing Electrical Energy using Chemical Energy

Perfect for:

  • Students studying science
  • Teachers looking for interactive teaching tools
  • Parents who want to encourage their child's interest in science
  • Individuals interested in learning about electricity and chemical reactions
  • Science enthusiasts of all ages
  • Anyone looking for a fun and educational activity

Slime Science Kit (Polymer) (EDSLIME)

Slime Science Kit (Polymer)

Get ready to explore the world of science with the Slime Science Kit (Polymer)! This kit is perfect for those who are interested in learning about polymers, chemistry, and material science. With this kit, you'll get to experiment with different materials and create five different types of slime, including Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop Slime, and more.

You'll also get to learn about various chemicals such as borax, guar gum, starch, and polyvinyl acetate and their properties through hands-on experiments. This kit is designed to provide you with a fun and educational experience that will help you discover your talents in the field of science.

While this set may not come in a colorful box, the instructions are available online for your convenience. So, get ready to dive into the exciting world of slime and science with the Slime Science Kit (Polymer)!

Key Features:

  • Learn about the scientific world of slime and polymers
  • Discover your talents in chemistry and material science
  • Create 5 different types of slime
  • Perform hands-on experiments with borax, guar gum, starch and polyvinyl acetate
  • Instructions available online
  • No colorful box included

Product Specifications:

Product Name Slime Science Kit (Polymer)
Product Category Science
Included Materials Materials to make 5 different slimes: Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop Slime, and more
Learning Objectives Learn about the scientific world of slime, chemistry, polymers, and material science. Discover talents in these areas and understand how scientists connect small molecules of gases and liquids to make solid plastics and rubbers.
Chemicals Included Borax, guar gum, starch, and polyvinyl acetate
Packaging This set does not have a colorful box. Instructions are online.

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Note: These are similar products, and each product is different, so research is required to find the best fit for your needs.

CAUTION: This kit involves the use of chemicals such as Borax, Guar Gum, Starch and Polyvinyl Acetate. Please handle with care and follow all instructions carefully to avoid any hazards.

Perfect for:

  • Children aged 8-12 who are interested in science and chemistry
  • Parents looking for educational and engaging activities for their children
  • Teachers who want to incorporate hands-on experiments into their science curriculum
  • Science enthusiasts who want to learn more about polymers and material science

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