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Make Electricity Science Kit Multimeter AMM360

Chemical Energy to Electrical Energy Science Kit with Multimeter.
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Make Electricity Science Kit Multimeter AMM360

Learn About Producing Electrical Energy: The Make Electricity Science Kit Multimeter AMM360 is perfect for students who want to learn about producing electrical energy using chemical energy. By inserting copper and zinc electrodes in an acidic liquid, this kit produces electricity from the chemical reaction. This project is a great way to teach students about the principles of modern batteries.

Key Features:

  • Produces electricity from chemical reaction
  • Kit includes copper and zinc electrodes and acidic liquid
  • Perfect for students to learn about modern batteries
  • Shows electricity produced using included volt meter
  • Option to upgrade volt meter to more advanced desktop multitester (AMM360)

Product Specifications:

Included in Kit Copper and zinc electrodes, acidic liquid, volt meter
Optional Upgrade AMM360 desktop analog Multitester for measuring DC Volt, AC Volt, DC Current and Resistance. Can be used as a very sensitive galvanometer and can show as low as 0.01 DC voltage. Can also be used to test transistors and diodes.

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CAUTION: This kit involves working with acidic liquid and electricity. Please read all instructions carefully and follow safety guidelines to avoid any hazards.

Perfect for:

  • Students learning about modern batteries
  • Science enthusiasts interested in electricity
  • Teachers looking for educational projects
  • Parents looking for STEM activities for their children

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  • Model: KITME-AMM360
  • Brand: MiniScience