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FD&C BLUE 2, Indigo Carmine, Food Blue 1

Versatile water-soluble Blue dye for diverse applications.
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FDC Blue #2, Food Blue 1, Indigo Carmine

Indigo Carmine, also known as FDC Blue #2 or Food Blue 1, is a water-soluble organic dye derived from indigo through aromatic sulfonation. Approved for use as a food colorant in the United States and European Union, it imparts a vibrant blue hue. Additionally, it serves as a pH indicator, transitioning from blue at pH 11.4 to yellow at 13.0. Its versatility extends to being a redox indicator, turning yellow upon reduction, and a dissolved ozone indicator. Applications range from food coloring to surgical and biological staining. Its EC Number is 212-728-8, CAS Number is 860-22-0, Molecular Weight is 466.35, and Color Index Number is 73015.

Key Features

  • Vibrant blue colorant for food and industrial use
  • Water-soluble and organic
  • Acts as pH indicator and redox indicator
  • Also functions as a dissolved ozone indicator
  • Approved for use in the US and EU

Product Specifications:

EC Number212-728-8
CAS Number860-22-0
Molecular Weight466.35
Color Index Number73015

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Perfect for Food and Beverage Manufacturers, Pharmaceutical Companies, Laboratory Technicians, Chemical Suppliers, Food Safety Inspectors.
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