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Carbon Electrode - Graphite Rod

Durable, high purity, high density carbon rod. 10 mm x 100 mm
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Carbon Electrode - Graphite Rod

Durable, high purity, high density, high conductivity graphite rod with a diameter of 10-mm and length of 100 mm.

Key Features

  • High purity, density and conductivity
  • Durable
  • 10 mm x 100 mm size

Product Specifications:

Density:1.75 g/cc
Electric Resistivity:8-11 mega Ohm
Thermal Conductivity:121.1 W/m.k
Coefficient of thermal expansion:5.46 /ºC
Shore Hardness:42 HSD
Breaking Strength:38 MPa
Compressive Strength:65 MPa
Elasticity Modulus:9 Gpa
Gas hole ratio:17%
Granularity:13-15 micro

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Perfect for scientists, engineers, and researchers in need of a high-quality graphite rod for various laboratory applications.

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  • Model: GR4BAR10X100
  • Brand: MiniScience