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Jumper Wires, Test Lead Set With Alligator Clips, Set Of 10 Wires, 5 Colors

Color-coded deluxe test leads with large alligator clips.
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Jumper Wires Test Lead Set With Alligator Clips

Introducing our Jumper Wires Test Lead Set with Alligator Clips, a versatile and essential tool for any electronics enthusiast. This set includes 10 color-coded deluxe jumper test leads with 46-mm alligator clips, featuring 2 wires each in white, yellow, red, black, and green. Each wire measures 25cm in length and has an OD of 2mm with 10x0.1mm CCS wires.

What sets our Deluxe Jumper Test Leads apart is their larger alligator clips and high-grip PVC covering, making them easy to operate and handle. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this set is a must-have for your electronics toolkit.

Key Features:

  • Set of 10 jumper wires with alligator clips
  • 5 different colors for easy identification
  • 2mm OD and 10x0.1mm CCS wires with length of 25cm
  • Deluxe version with larger alligator clips and high grip PVC covering
  • Perfect for testing and prototyping electrical circuits

Product Specifications:

Product Name Jumper Wires, Test Lead Set With Alligator Clips, Set Of 10 Wires, 5 Colors
Included Wires 2 White, 2 Yellow, 2 Red, 2 Black, 2 Green
Wire OD 2mm
Wire Type 10x0.1mm CCS wires
Wire Length 25cm
Alligator Clips 46-mm alligator clips
Additional Features High grip PVC covering on deluxe jumper test leads

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CAUTION: Use with caution and follow proper safety procedures when handling jumper wires and test lead sets with alligator clips. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with water or other liquids. Do not use if wires are frayed or damaged. Use only as intended and follow manufacturer's instructions. Failure to do so may result in injury or damage to equipment.

Perfect for:

  • Electronic hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts
  • Electrical engineering students
  • Professionals in the electronics industry
  • Teachers and instructors of electronics courses
  • Anyone who needs to make quick and reliable connections in electronic circuits

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  • Model: LEADSET10
  • Brand: MiniScience