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Copper Granules, 35 Mesh

High purity copper powder with almost spherical particles for use in wood inlay, art, and industrial applications.
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CU35HP Copper Granules

Coarse copper powder is made of solid metallic high purity copper metal. Particles are almost in equal size with appearance of metallic spherical crystals.
Recommended for wood inlay, art and industrial applications where solid round multi-side balls may be used.

In laboratories, granular copper is used in removal of Sulfur from Environmental Samples.

CAS No.: 7440-50-8

Note: Pure copper powders do not show continuity or conductivity when tested with a multimeter. This might be due to two reasons. One reason is the low voltage used for the test. The other reason is the presence of air and weak contacts between the particles. They will exhibit conductivity with higher voltage, when compacted, and when mixed with some oil or resin to form a paste.

Safety Data Sheet for Copper Powder

Key Features

  • High purity solid copper
  • Coarse, 35 mesh size (Granules are about 0.5-mm in diameter)
  • Metallic spherical crystals
  • Versatile for wood inlays and art
  • Uniform particle size distribution

Product Specifications

MaterialSolid Metallic Copper
Mesh Size35 Mesh
AppearanceMetallic Spherical Crystals
ApplicationsWood Inlay, Art, Industrial
CAS Number7440-50-8

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Perfect for artisans, woodworkers, industrial manufacturers, jewelers, and artists
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